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Lutung Kasarung (dialog in English)

   Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in West Java ruled by Prabu Tapa Agung. He lived with his daugthers. But among them, there were already married and live separated. Now, he just lived with the eldest one, Purbararang and the youngest one, Purbasari. But, lately he felt he was getting older. So, he decided to abdicate.

Prabu Tapa Agung   : “Do you know? I feel i’m getting older now. And I want to choose who has to be my successor.”
Advisor                    : “If so, Your Majesty must choose between Princess Purbararang and Princess Purbasari. But, if Your Majesty follow the rules. Means, that your successor is Princess Purbararang.”
Prabu Tapa Agung   : “Hmm.. You’re right.”
Advisor                    : “Your Majesty?”
Prabu Tapa Agung   : “Alright, please bring them here.”
Advisor                    : “Yes, Your Majesty.”
(Purbararang and Purbasari enter the room)
Advisor                    : “Your Majesty, I have brought both of them.”
Purbararang              : “ What’s wrong father? Why did you call us?”
Prabu Tapa Agung   : “I will choose who will be my successor between you two.”
Purbasari                  : “What?! Does it mean that father want to abdicate?”
Prabu Tapa Agung   : “Yes…Because of that, I choose you, Purbasari.”
Purbararang              : “How can be like that? I’m the eldest one.”
Prabu Tapa Agung   : “Purbararang, to be a queen takes more than age. There are many other qualities that one must posses.”
Purbararang              : “What does purbasari have that i don’t?”
Prabu Tapa Agung   : “You will find out when Purbasari has replaced me.”
Purbasari                  : “Sist..”
Purbararang              : “Shut up!”
(Purbararang left the room, she go to her bedroom)
Purbararang              : “(mumbling) Why? I am the eldest! It has to be me!”
Indrajaya                  : “What’s wrong?”
Purbararang              : “Father choose Purbasari to be his successor.”
Indrajaya                  : “What?! How?”
Purbararang              : “I don’t know, but i have to do something.”
Indrajaya                  : “How about.. (whispering on Purbararang ear)”

            In the evening, Purbararang went to the witch house. Like Indrajaya said, may be the witch could do something that threatened Purbasari’s life. So she asked the witch to send all over Purbasari’s body. That plan was success. Before going to bed, Purbasari started to feell itch all over her body. She tried applying powder to her body, but it’s no use. Instead, the itching grew even worse. She didn’t want to scratch it, but she just couldn’t help it. In the morning...
Purbasari         : “What are this things? Did it because the itching last night? (mumbling).”
(Then, Purbararang enter Purbasari’s bedroom, and pretend to have a surprised face)
Purbararang     : “What happened to you, Purbasari?”
Purbasari         : “I don’t know sist. Last night...”
Purbararang     : “You must have done something very awful. You’ve been punished by the gods.”
Purbasari         : “What?! Impossible! I never felt that i do something wrong.”
Purbararang     : “I have to tell father!”
(Purbararang left Purbasari’s bedroom, and go to her father’s room)

                                 Heard that news, Prabu Tapa Agung look surprised. Heard that her daugther was cursed by gods, make he look feeling blue. That is a chance for Purbararang to continue her plans. She incited her father to thrown Purbasari to the woods. Finally, Prabu Tapa Agung agreed with Purbararang’s choice. After that, The Advisor accompanied Purbasari to the woods. Well.., actually Purbasari was sad, But it’s for her father’s and kingdom’s sake.
Advisor           : “I’ve made hut for you to stay.”
Purbasari         : (....silent...)
Advisor           : “It’s not your fault, Princess. I’ll help you find the way out. I will deliver foods every morning. Please..take care of you.”
Purbasari         : “Thank you.”
(The Advisor go away)
Purbasari         : “Cause, It’s evening, I thought I have to look for firewoods.”
(Purbasari go look for fire woods, but her steps stop, because she see a lutung)
Purbasari         : “Oh! What is that? Better quickly.”
Lutung            : “Wait! Don’t be scared. I won’t hurt you.”
Purbasari         : “Wha! you..you can talk?”
Lutung            : “Yes, I can. What are you doing in the woods? Isn’t it dangerous?”
Purbasari         : “I have thrown out from the palace.”
Lutung            : “Why?”
Purbasari         : “My sister said that I’ve done something awful so the gods punished me.”
Lutung            : “It means that you stay in here, don’t you?”
Purbasari         : “Yeah..that’s right. There! In that hut. You can come whenever you like.”

                 From that day, Purbasari and Lutung became friends. They help each other. They spent time together. And Both of them never felt uncomfortable. One day, when Purbasari washed her clothes in the lake. Lutung took a bucket of water and gave them some spell.
Lutung                     : “Purbasari can you come here for a while?”
Purbasari         : “What’s up, Lutung Kasarung?”
Lutung                     : “Sit here!”
(Lutung wipe Purbasari’s body with water)
Purbasari         : “What are you doing, Lutung Kasarung?
Lutung                     : “It can heal you.”
(Lutung still wipe Purbasari’s body with the same water)
Purbasari         : “It’s really gone, I’ve recovered.”
Advisor           : “Princess Purbasari! I just brought you some foods. Where are you?”
Purbasari         : “Sorry...I’m here.”
Advisor           : “Princess! You’ve recovered?!”
Purbasari         : “Yes, Isn’t it great?”
Advisor           : “Please come back to the palace, The King must be so happy hear this news.”
Purbasari         : “Come back to the palace..Sorry, I can’t do that.”
Advisor           : “Why?”
Purbasari         : “I don’t want to.”

                    When Lutung persuaded Purbasari to go back to the palace. Purbasari always refused. But finally she gave up. When they arrived in the palace, Purbararang looked shocked. She made new plan. She couldn’t let Purbasari lived.
Purbararang     : “What are you doing here? You’ve thrown out, haven’t you?”
Purbasari         : “Look sist! My body has recovered!”
Purbararang     : “Okay.. I would let you return to the palace with one condition. Let’s compete!”

            In the next morning, everyone in the kingdom saw their competition. First, Purbararang made a competition that if someone of them had a longer hair, she won the competition. Then both of them let their hair down. Purbasari’s hair was longer than Purbararang.
Purbararang     : “Fine, so your hair is longer than mine. But, do you have a future husband? Who is handsome than Indrajaya?”
Purbasari         : (Purbasari grab Lutung’s hand) “He will be my husband.”
Purbararang     : “Wha? That Lutung! Don’t be kidding.”

            After that, Lutung meditates and suddenly transformedinto a very handsome young man, a lot more handsome than Indrajaya.
Lutung                     : “I’m a prince from a kingdong far away. I was cursed to be a monkey because of a mistake i committed. I could regain my true form only if there is a girl would be willing to be my wife. Thak you Purbasari.”
Purbararang     : “It means i lost, huh!”
Purbasari         : “Don’t worry sist. I won’t punish you.”

            Then Purbasari become a queen and married Lutung. And they live happy ever after. 

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